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Dream Asian Brides | Marrying the Most Ideal Brides

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Every man has his own standards of beauty and qualities that he looks for in a woman. What might be beautiful for others, some don’t see. A woman’s assertiveness may be either liked or not. If modesty and being reserved are traits you find irresistible, Asian brides take on a head start in winning your heart.

Asia is the most populated and diverse continent in the world. Each country boasts of different kinds of beauty. The women in the Middle East have longer and more slender noses than the rest of the countries in Asia. They also have rounder eyes and taller stature. On the other hand, women in East Asia are shorter and have smaller and rounder noses. Most of the women in the eastern part have monolid, slanted, and dark eyes, black hair, and slender bodies.

These are just a few of the reasons that most Western men travel all across the globe to find their potential lifemates among thousands of Asian singles. However, beyond the superficial, these ladies have what it takes not just by looks but also traits and brains. Several countries in the continent treat women equally and even encourage them to strive for and achieve success in every aspect of society, especially in the Philippines and Thailand.

On the other hand, while educated and career-successful women in China have increased exponentially and are even hugely supported, their social mores get in the way as these dictate even the population’s perspective on dating and marriage. In the modern world, women enjoy more equality with men and have even gotten more promoted in their offices, excelling in wherever they put their heart into. The sole disadvantage to this is that the Chinese social mores severely engraved in men as to what types of women they ought to partner with. The lesser the women’s education and salary range, the higher their chances of being chosen by men. But those who didn’t get to marry up until their late years aren’t less beautiful as they are. These sophisticated and even wealthy women sign up for international online dating services knowing than Western men seek women like them—intelligent and career-driven.

For the rest of the countries, Asian women have proven themselves the best lovers as girlfriends and wives. Beautiful inside and out, find out what makes their heart beautiful other than their outward looks.

Qualities That Make Asian Women Ideal Brides

As looks differ, Asian women’s traits also vary in great lengths. But if there are words to describe them as one, it would be modest, reserved, and values-driven. Despite the modernization which Asian women are bound to adapt, the mentioned qualities remain. That and more gives them an edge in the international dating scene.

  • Modest and reserved

    In Asia, women that value chastity before marriage exists. This is due to their deep-seated instilled values brought by the religions they’re affiliated with. Most of them prefer being with men that respect their values and integrity. Asian women are also more reserved but assertive when they need to. In Thailand, it is more socially acceptable for women to not casually talk with men out of their league or circle of friendships. This makes it even more special for their partners knowing that they don’t just trust and open up to anyone else.

  • Religious

    This can be a double-edged sword. However, if you can appreciate how devoted they are to an entity that they believe is much higher than them or also affiliated on the same religion, you’re in for a great relationship. Christianity or Buddhism are the most prevalent religions claiming thousands of believers in Asia. Asian women tend to choose men who respect their beliefs. Their beliefs complete their identity and birthed most of the positive traits in them.

  • Monogamous

    Asian culture is hard-wired to loyalty. Once Asian women commit themselves to marriage, they do all they can to stay in relationships and place a huge weight on the importance of marriage. The Philippine government, alone, imposes divorce as illegal. Filipino parents can only separate but divorce is not an option.

Asian Brides versus Western Brides

Asian brides have acquired most Western standards and qualities from cosmetics, cuisines, to certain kinds of attitudes. However, one thing remains and will remain preserved - their conservative nature. While they have adapted the clothing tastes from the West, they navigate the dating world not according to their skimpy style but out of their inherent reservation. Parents usually supervise their children who date while still schooling.

Unlike their Western counterparts, they join online matchmaking not just for the sake of fun but also for a serious intention of finding their perfect matches to tie the knot with.

Wedding Traditions in Asia

Asian tradition used to have strange types of marriage, one of which is arranged marriage where parents are the ones to find their adult children’s spouses. This is especially prevalent in China. However, as time went by, the prevalence of such tradition dwindled. Nowadays, Asian men and women find their lovers by themselves.

Each of the various countries in Asia performs different wedding traditions and follows various superstitions and beliefs. Browse through the pages on our website to read more about the wedding traditions in Asia.

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