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My Dream AsianExperience the Asian dating culture.

Dating in Asia is just like in any western country – a man takes a woman out where they can get to know each other better, save a few cultural differences. Dating culture plays an important role in dating in Asia. As such, it is important that you get to understand Asia’s dating culture before going out with your Asian date.

Asian culture has molded most Asian women to be meek and shy. It is expected that the man will initiate the date. He needs to ask a girl out on a date and not the other way around. Though, in a westernized world, some Asian women find the liberty to ask men out themselves.

It is a known fact that Asians are very family-oriented. Practically, every member of the family will have a say on a family member’s dating life. While this may seem weird to some westerners, this is normal for most Asians. This is because the family only want what is best for members of their family. What is important is for you to get them on your side.

Trying to impress an Asian woman’s family will take work and time, but believe it or not, once you gain their trust, they will stick to you like gum on a table. Through ups and downs, they will be there for you like you are already part of their family.

Dating Tips

Dating is not all fun and games, nor is it all romance and giggles. The reality is that a wrong move can cause a supposedly perfect date to fail. Respect is one thing, especially for their culture.

Here are a few tips to give you a headstart on your dating game:

  • Be a gentleman

    This is literally a no-brainer. If you want your Asian date to like you, then be a gentleman. You don’t have to place your coat over a puddle or carry her over a flight of stairs, being a gentleman is recognizing her worth as a woman. When you go through the trouble of going out of your way to spend your time on a date with her, then make it worth her while. Offer her a seat before you sit down yourself. Open the door, and let her in before you enter. Even offering to pay the bills is a gentlemanly act. These gestures will make her realize that she can be comfortable with you, making her open up more.

  • Avoid distractions

    Men tend to have a very short attention span. Even the smallest distractions will make a man lose focus on the date and when you are dating an Asian woman, you could be in a heap of trouble. Focusing your attention on something else other than her can be viewed as an insult. Turn off your phone or keep it silent. Before your date, make sure you have no phone appointments so as to avoid any calls during the date. Also, as much as possible, keep your eyes off other women. You are there for only one woman, and that is your date.

  • Be genuine

    Some men may try to pretend like someone else during a date to try and impress her. When you are dating Asian women, do not do it. Women in Asia have a knack for sensing something amiss and your ruse will eventually be exposed. Just be yourself. There is nothing an Asian woman appreciates more than a person who is genuine. The purpose of dating is for both of you to know each other better, and what better way is there for her to know you than to show her the real you.

  • Watch your language

    Well, yes, we know you are good with words. Whether you are a logophile or not, just don’t be that person. Remember that you are in Asia. In Asia, English is not any country’s first language, and as such, your date may not understand some terms or words – or worse, she could misinterpret some words and take offense.

  • Compliment her

    It is a fact that Asians are shy people, both men and women alike. Because of this culture, most Asian men are not showy when it comes to appreciation. On the other hand, Asian women thrive on compliments. Compliment her beauty, her hair, her dress. Don’t overdo it though. Just make sure to insert a compliment or two every once in a while to remind her that you are interested and that you are attracted to her. Watch her hide a blush and everything should come together like pieces to a puzzle.

  • Pick her up and take her back home

    An important part of dating in Asia is convenience and of course, safety. Make sure that your date will be as hassle-free for her as much as possible. Pick her up from her home and take her to the venue. This avoids any inconvenient commute for her. More importantly, you should understand that Asians are a very tight-knit community, especially when it comes to family. Dating an Asian woman basically means you are dating her family as well. Picking her up gives you the opportunity to meet her family and perhaps bond for a bit. Show them that you are a dependable person and that their daughter is in safe hands, and you should soon realize that they are all for you.

  • KISS

    Yeah, you heard that right, KISS. Not the kind of kiss you are thinking of though. KISS is the famous acronym for the phrase: “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. This phrase is known to be used in many organizations the world over, even the US Navy. This basically means that you do not have to spend more than what is necessary for your date. Extravagance is an overkill. Asian women tend to enjoy a date more when it is simpler than when it is lavish. An expensive date will only provide more distractions.

Date Ideas in Asia

Asia is a diverse place. Everywhere you look, there is an opportunity for new dating ideas. Modern times call for modern dating culture. Adapt to the changing times and experience the best date of your life. Here are dating ideas to spice up your dating experience:

  • Go out stargazing

    Asians are romantic people. They would rather have a simpler date than a lavish one as a simpler date is more romantic, and nothing is more romantic than gazing up at the stars as they twinkle down for both of you to see. Share life stories, grab a snack, and gaze at the night sky with a beautiful Asian woman. What could be better than that?

  • Go out on a picnic

    Parks are plentiful in Asia. Take advantage of the natural wonders that Asia has to offer and spend a day or two amidst its beauty. The fresh air will also prove healthy. Asians have a natural affinity for the outdoors and a picnic is the best way to satisfy that.

  • Stroll along the beach

    Holding hands while strolling along the beautiful beaches of Asia is one of the most romantic date ideas that you can try. The serene beauty of the beaches only adds to the romantic vibe and will set the mood for a perfect date.

  • Tour the city

    You are in a place where you have never been before. What better way to spend a date than to tour the city? Not only will you enjoy the sights and sounds of Asia, you will also enjoy the company of a beautiful Asian woman.

  • Spend time with her family

    Last is definitely not least. As Asians are very family-centered, spending time with her family will show her that you are willing to accept her family. Having her family on your side also has its advantages. For one, whenever you have disagreements or misunderstandings, her family will always be there to make sure everything is alright between the both of you.

The perfect Asian date depends on how you treat your Asian woman. No matter how romantic or expensive your date is, she will only remember those that you both enjoy. Spend a bit of time to get to know her culture as it will help you win her heart in more ways than one.

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