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Craigslist versus My Dream Asian

In the world of online dating, it’s not surprising when two or more websites are compared to one another. While Craigslist and My Dream Asian are similar in terms of meeting and interacting with people online, there are many significant differences that you need to be aware of if genuine love is what you’re looking for.

With more than two decades of background and experience in the online dating industry, My Dream Asian most definitely has the upper hand.

So what makes this dating site better than the rest?

In a relationship setup where you don’t have the luxury of meeting someone in person while you’re getting to know them, security and authenticity become essential in ensuring a safe and memorable dating experience.

As such, let’s take a look at the major differences to be considered between Craigslist and My Dream Asian.

What is Craigslist?


Craigslist began its services back in the early 1990s. During that time, it was popularly known as a Classified Advertisement website where users can post services, items for sale, job listings, or resumes. In other words, it became the leading go-to website for online selling and job hunting.

After a few years, Craigslist decided to set up a personals section. This allowed users to post “advertisements” of themselves and upload pictures, and it eventually paved the way to online dating and romance.

These relationships were meant to be platonic. However, during the course of time, more and more people became interested in casual encounters. Lesbians and gay men particularly found this to be very advantageous as there were no restrictions when it came to gender and relationships.

In 2005, the category “men seeking men” on Craigslist USA facilitated more sexual encounters, increasing the risk of syphilis infections and other forms of sexually transmitted diseases.

Random Personals

Because Craigslist was not made for the sole purpose of online dating, its features were not as refined and fine-tuned as compared to other online dating sites. Just about anyone could create a profile on Craigslist, and it soon became apparent that a better dating platform was needed.

The personals section was not filtered nor was it sorted. This proved to be a bit of a hassle for users as they could not easily find single men and women that they prefer.

Personals were sorted in a way where the latest posts were more visible than the older ones. Plus, there was no way to sort personals according to your preference as there were no specific categories to sort them on.

No Verification

Users are free to create random personals on Craigslist. This allows opportunistic individuals to take advantage of the system as profiles are not verified or monitored. When a random profile is created, it is automatically posted in the category that it is listed on and just about anyone can access it once posted.

Meetups Are Not Secured

Craigslist was more about casual encounters. Users would just browse through several profiles in the personals section, and when they found someone they were interested in, they would agree to meet and/or hook up.

These encounters are not secure because users are not officiated by any Craigslist staff.

Users are left to make plans on their own and agree to meetups with practical strangers. Anyone who signs up on Craigslist will not be verified, and background checks will not be implemented for the safety of other users. As a result, both men and women are at risk of being victimized by scammers and all kinds of fraudulent activities.

What is My Dream Asian?

My Dream Asian is an international matchmaking agency that aims to assist men and women in finding an ideal life partner. Men can browse through thousands of profiles of women from cities and countries all over Asia, and they can set their personal preferences so that only the women that they want to meet, date, or eventually marry will be shown in the results.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, My Dream Asian has seen more successful marriages bloom from its matchmaking services than any other dating agency. Several physical offices are located around the world to ensure the worldwide scope of its services.

Presence of a Company Name

My Dream Asian is secure because it provides dating services under the company name. It’s usually hard to trust a dating agency without one.

A matchmaking agency that is run under the presence of a company name assures users that there is accountability in case their safety and security are compromised. As such, My Dream Asian operates under US Law, including IMBRA, wherein any personal information of clients is not to be released without consent.

Both men and women who take part of the company’s services are fully assisted throughout their experience online and in person.

With a reputable company name, My Dream Asian does its best to avoid bringing its reputation down by assuring its users of their safety and convenience.


Personals on My Dream Asian are monitored and verified. This means that profiles on the site belong to real, genuine women and they cannot be used to scam or take advantage of unsuspecting men.

Expert staff members go through a thorough verification process with all the women so that any user visiting the site is confident that the woman they are talking to belongs to an actual person and not just bots or scammers.

In a world that is predominantly dependent on technology, it isn’t surprising that thousands of people try to use it to take advantage of those who are oblivious to the dangers of the internet and online dating.

With My Dream Asian, interactions between clients and the women (both online and in person) are facilitated until they choose otherwise.

Meetups Are Secured

Meetups are personally officiated by staff members working for My Dream Asian. Before any of the clients or women decide to meet, they will be interviewed and background checks will be conducted to make sure that no person with a violent past or criminal history will be able to victimize anyone.

Support and assistance are available 24/7, giving clients the convenience of being able to contact the company should there be any concerns.

In Conclusion

With sufficient knowledge of two of the more popular dating websites operating today, why miss this opportunity to be part of the best one in the industry?

At the end of the day, no matter what service or product you choose to avail online, you need to do your research and be aware of what you’ll be getting yourself into. When it comes to safety, no amount of preparation and caution is ever too much.

Before you decide, you need to be able to distinguish which services give you an advantage and which ones are not to be trusted. Most of all, never neglect your own safety.