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Why Older Men Choose to Marry Younger Women in Asia

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Naturally, older men are drawn to younger women.

However, not all of them have similar preferences for a wide age difference in relationships. Some of them who are either new at finding love or are taking a second try at it prefer dating women who are much closer to their age - especially those who look for someone that matches their abilities and maturity.

Though older women are much more attuned to what they really want, know how to achieve it, and have probably already done so, there is no denying that younger women are just as good to be in a serious relationship with.

Countless older men seek younger women for a lifetime partner. This is backed by a couple of reasons. Apart from the cliché adage stating that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love, younger women dating older men are just a perfect fit.

They complement each other in many ways. Younger ladies revive older men’s youthful spirits while the latter grounds the former’s indecisiveness and spontaneity.

Among all the continents, older Western men give Asia a shot in their search for love. They go out of their way to meet and date Asian women.

For a long time, women in Asia are almost always paired with men who are older than them. This age difference does not only refer to men five or more years older than them, but men who are ten or more years their senior.

Asian singles do not raise brows at May-December relationships. They know how exciting it can get and how practical it is at the same time to date men who are much older than they are - more so that they prefer Western men than men from their own culture.

Single Asian ladies do not throw away their shot at the thrill of fun, friendship, and a potentially long-term relationship by signing up on one of the top Asian dating sites.

As much as older men are hoping to find their perfect match on the platform of international online dating, many young local Asian singles have their own version of hope for finding their knight in shining armor in the form of a Western guy, no matter the age.

This puts Asian women at the center of the international dating arena. If knowing this isn’t enough, read below why dating younger Asian ladies is the best choice for you.

Advantages in Marrying Younger Asian Women

Many older men who want to marry younger Asian women don’t mind traveling all the way from overseas just to meet their potential brides in the land of Asia. Here are the reasons why:

  • Expected maturity

It’s natural that girls are cognitively and emotionally ahead in some aspects compared to boys. This is most evident during childhood and adolescence. This biological maturity is especially true for Asians.

Many Asian singles grew up from families that put a heavy emphasis on teaching and exposing their children to responsibility, proper social etiquette, traditional values, and morals. They may come in a youthful appearance, but their maturity always supersedes them, which is why they’re always better off paired with men that are much older than them.

  • Respect for the elderly

Young Asian women view and treat others (especially the elderly) with greater deference. This is why older men find them desirable. When you marry Asian women, it will not come as a surprise that they reflect this trait even to their partners who are much older.

This is especially evident when their elderly parents receive more care beyond what they usually need. Instead of allowing their aging loved ones to move into care facilities, they prefer to care for them personally.

They managed to integrate this into their romantic relationships as well. Not only will older men enjoy respect from their younger brides, but their great admiration, teachability, and humility also make them look good and feel good.

  • Fun and upbeat

The stereotype about Asian ladies is mostly far from the truth. While they generally have reserved auras, they tend to have a more carefree side. Unlike their older counterparts, younger Asian ladies are a lot more daring, positive, and idealistic.

An older husband enjoys a fair share in the relationship—a romantic and practical exchange. Young wives admire the wisdom that their husbands have garnered from their extensive experiences while they, in turn, revive the youth and vigor of their husbands.

They see the relationship as an avenue for fun, thrill, love, and learning all at the same time. They know when they should put on their game face, but when it comes to being serious, they are also good at discussing matters that need their attention.

  • Humble, caring, and loyal

While these traits may not apply to all young Asian ladies, most of them manifest humility, kindness, and thoughtfulness. As most countries in Asia believe in patriarchy or machismo, conforming to their fathers or husbands is usually not a problem.

Why Young Asian Women Prefer Older Men

Many Asian women dating older Western men have strayed away from the traditional, domestic form of dating and embraced a more liberated form, which is why May-December relationships are not a big deal to them.

Knowing that younger men have as much to figure out in life as they do and are yet to find their place in this world, they look for older men that they know are secure and wise about spending their energy, time, and wealth on important things.

They know that their older partner will go to great lengths to make them happy, and in time, will prove to be their worthy companion.

With high hopes in finding the love of their life, Asian women sign up for matchmaking agencies such as ours. If you too would like to find your younger Asian bride, sign up for free with us!