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Things Filipinas LOVE About Dating Foreign Men

A photo of a smiling Filipina.
Filipinas who prefer dating foreign men have been growing in numbers. Read this article to know their reasons.

In this era, it has become easier to meet and talk to people from around the world.

We have social media, online dating sites, and airfare promos making international dating more accessible and convenient for all.

Many people are finding love overseas, and among single Asian women, Filipinas stand out in particular.

According to the Philippines Statistics Office, there are over fifteen thousand intermarriages that are recorded in the country yearly. The highest number of intermarriages involving Filipino women are with American men; followed by Japanese, British, and Korean men, in that order.

These statistics raise the question, “Why are these women marrying foreign men over their own kind?”

If you’re curious to know the reason behind the growing number of Filipina women dating foreign men, here are some important facts to consider.

Truth and Lies: Addressing Stereotypes and Misconceptions

The most popular misconception amongst Filipinas dating Foreign men is that they are gold diggers. This stereotype is common with women from third-world countries who date or marry men from first-world countries.

In the public’s eye, such a woman is not with the guy because of real love. Obviously, she has ulterior motives and just wants to use the foreigner.

“They’re only dating because she needs a visa.”

Sure, there are some women who do but in most cases, it’s not true!

Many of these women are more than capable of obtaining their own visas and travel overseas.

“She’s dating him for his money.”

The majority of Filipinos are intelligent and hardworking individuals who can keep a steady job. On the other hand, not every foreign man is rich.

If you ever see a Filipino woman date a wealthy foreigner, it’s doubtful his wealth is the only reason she’s with him.

To put it another way, it isn't all about the green card or the money.

Filipinas are not poor girls trying to swindle old men. However, there’s always a possibility for things like this to occur.

Wherever you are in the world, there will always be bad people. But just because these bad people exist, doesn’t mean there aren’t any good ones. Try not to cluster them up into one.

Foreign Men Over Filipino Men

Now that we’ve addressed the stereotypes and misconceptions of foreign men dating Filipino women, it’s finally time to discuss the real reasons why these women prefer dating foreigners over their own kind.

1. Expanding the search means more chances of meeting Mr. Right.

We all have specific sets of standards in mind when it comes to our ideal partner.

Oftentimes these standards make it harder for us to find Mr./Mrs. Right within our own social circle. That’s why some people venture out and expand their search internationally.

For most Filipino women, broadening their search to include foreign men gives them a better chance to find someone that they can genuinely connect with. Someone who shares the same views and values as them.

As some would say, you’ll have a better chance of finding someone if you broaden your search.

2. Foreign men appreciate the natural brown beauty of a Filipina woman.

A photo of a Filipina posing for the camera.
Filipino women prefer dating foreigners because these men appreciate their natural beauty.

The native beauty of Filipino girls is viewed as exotic and sexy by most foreigners. To them, tanned skin and oriental features in a woman are considered attractive and desirable.

On the other hand, Filipino men think the opposite. In fact, they much prefer women with porcelain skin and western features called mestizas than those who have native looks.

That’s why women who have dominantly native features find it difficult to date or find someone who adores their outer appearance. In some instances, they are ridiculed because of it.

Hence, it’s understandable why some of these women would rather choose to date foreign men than the local men.

3. It’s a unique dating experience.

Dating a person with a different cultural background from yours is definitely a fun, exciting, and unique experience.

You both get to introduce one another to your culture. You get to taste foreign cuisines, learn about fascinating festivals, traditions, etiquettes, and customs of a foreign country.

In interracial dating, most of the time you’re imparting knowledge and sharing information about your differences.

4. Foreign men have attractive accents.

The way a foreigner speaks — how they articulate words, accentuate a syllable, and the way they rhythmize their speech — is truly mesmerizing. You can even argue that it gives them extra attractive points.

To some Filipino women, listening to someone speak in a foreign language is like music to their ears. Like a romantic love song that has no end.

On the other hand, if a foreigner tries to speak the Filipino language, his accent might have a different effect. He could butcher the pronunciation of local words. Still, Filipinas would think it’s adorable and would encourage foreign men to try to speak the Filipino native dialect.

5. It tests their English language skills.

The best English language buddy you can ever have is someone who speaks English as his first language. It’s only logical to approach foreigners and converse with them in English to test if your English language skills are good.

Most educated Filipinos are not afraid to converse in English. The language is taught from their early education. In fact, it can be considered as their second language.

However, though they can speak it, it’s rare that they get to consistently use it in their day-to-day lives. They usually converse in their native tongue with friends and family.

Hence, dating a foreigner is one way they get to show off or practice their ESL skills.

6. They get to introduce themselves to a new culture.

One way to get to know a culture better is by talking with someone who is from that culture.

If you date someone from a different race, there are bound to be differences you’ll notice between you: the food you eat, norms, etiquettes, customs, and traditions are among the few areas you’ll differ.

It makes you realize that the world is far bigger than you have thought.

7. To produce mixed babies.

Lastly, Filipino women prefer dating foreign men in hopes of giving birth to beautiful mixed babies.

Research was conducted at Cardiff University, whose findings concluded that multiracial people are perceived to be more attractive than people with less diverse backgrounds.

In another study, conducted at Edinburgh University, they found that kids born to parents of different races and cultural backgrounds are more intelligent.

And who doesn’t want good looking and smart kids? All parents want that, even Filipino women.

A beautiful mixed-raced baby.
One of the best things Filipino girls in interracial relationships look forward to is giving birth to beautiful multiethnic babies.

“The Heart Has Its Reasons, For Which Reason Does Not Know” - Blaise Pascal

We all have our reasons why we date a certain someone. People may have their opinion on it, but at the end of the day it’s our own choice and we have the final say on it.

A person’s foreign status may or may not matter to Filipinas. Oftentimes, it’s genuine connections that reel two people together. No matter the skin color, race, religion, or status in life, if you feel a spark or connection with someone, you should go for it and explore those feelings.