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Picking the BEST Date Night Movies

A photo of a couple sitting together on a couch during a movie date night
My Dream AsianChoose the best date night movies you can watch with your Asian woman.

"I’m so excited for our movie date tonight!"

"Oh babe, please watch this horror blockbuster with me!"

"Wha-- Seriously, horror? I would rather opt for a rom-com…"

"But we had that last time, do you really want to?"

You probably imagined you and your partner in that type of scenario as you read those lines above. This basically happens when you’re looking to find some of the best date night movies to watch.

Have you ever been in the same situation before?

If you have, and you’re looking for the best date night movies to stream online, then your wish has been granted. As a couple who have found each other through online dating, one of the things to do while you spend time together is watch movies.

There could have been times when you opted to enjoy a particular streaming service or considered watching some good date night movies on Netflix. Still, there are just about a thousand of them that only lead you to further confusion on what to watch.

Take some time off your movie list and know the best ones to watch that will surely make falling in love a whole lot more exciting for you!

For spicing things up, watch... Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This film brings you the classic “Brangelina” fever and would make you see how love can be shown in more ways than one. Not your typical love story, this film is packed with action scenes that will get you and our date’s adrenaline running. If you’re up for the thrill of a ride kind of love story, then this movie is meant for you.

More than just about finding love, married couple Mr. and Mrs. Smith will realize how fond they are of each other after being caught on a mission that’s going to change their lives forever.

For the sentimental, watch... Titanic

Surely everyone has heard about this film that showcases the tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic, which was claimed to be the unsinkable ship back in its time, only to end up thousands of miles below the sea on its first night. Ironic, but tragic, yes.

The very famous story of Jack and Rose, two of the passengers onboard who fell in love with each other despite their differences in their social statuses, shows how true love is manifested in situations when you least expect it.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is to bring a box of tissues along with you, especially for your woman, for this film has always been a tearjerker as it is.

For opposites that attract, watch… You’ve Got Mail

If you and your woman certainly have a knack for romantic comedy movies, then this would absolutely suit your taste. The film centers on two people who found that they have more things to hate about each other than to like, but later on were able to progress their relationship into something special that would bring about the change in them.

With its simple yet unique elements of a man and woman not seeming to get along with each other, you will find how it has been a challenge for you as well when you have just started being on dating sites and having to interact with potential partners through online and virtual communication.

Grab some laughs with her and watch this movie that will bring you a realistic love story that was formed online. That’s something you can totally relate to, right?

For love caught from a distance, watch... Il Mare

Distance is an important factor that contributes to the relationship of two people. Whether you are near or far from one another affects everything that you do and the way that you give time to communicate in your daily life. But if it's distance and time that comes between you two, this might make things more difficult than usual.

Il Mare depicts how two people, who are two years apart in life, get to meet each other at least halfway in their lifetime. Being able to receive one another’s letters in the mail box at a lake house, they both found love despite the time and distance.

Although it is something that could never happen in real life, still it teaches us how love is not limited to anything. Be it time, distance, or any other hindrances, love will always find its way, especially with the right person.

For the ones rooting for young love, watch… To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Dating can be kind of tricky, especially for someone who is young and naive, or basically, a high school teenager. This movie portrays the cute and quirky love story of a teenage girl who wrote letters to each of the crushes she has had ever since she was young, and the boy who stood by her side to help her with her embarrassment after her sister sent out all the letters to each guy on the list.

Though this story may have started out as a one-sided affair, in the long run it gradually changes to how a person can be totally loved with nothing in exchange at all. With no letter in hand, there’s no doubt that love will always work for two people who are meant to be together.

For beautifully made love, watch… Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This movie will teach you how inner beauty is important in finding love. With most people believing that love is easily met for a person who is beautiful, it does not seem to be the case for everyone.

In the pursuit of seeking love, one should always remember how a golden heart and inner beauty can capture one person truly. Set in a teenage period in the lives of the characters, you will surely fall in love with this film.

For a tragically sweet story, watch… A Walk to Remember

One of the first movies to break the hearts of many would be this cancer-stricken love story between two young people in the late 1950s. It showcases the beautiful love story of two people who tend to belong on opposite ends of the earth.

With their differences in personality, beliefs, social circle, and togetherness as a whole, it makes their story even more meaningful. But as love starts to conquer a rebellious young man’s heart, will this be affected by an illness expected to tear them apart?

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show

As a couple, it is vital for you to bond and do things together while you have the chance to be with one another. You may not be able to see each other everyday, and most importantly, you may not be able to do all things with the presence of your partner, but it should be instilled in your minds and hearts to give as much of your time to each other as you can.

If you always love to cuddle together in front of a movie, then take note of the films listed above for it will surely make you feel good and even more in love. Although there may be numerous good movies to watch as a couple, what’s most important is the time that you spend with each other.

So sit back, relax, and have fun watching the aforementioned date night movies!