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Dating as a Senior? Tips to Find an Asian Match Online

Do you want to improve your chances of finding love online despite your age? Does your age make you hesitant to seek an online match?

asian senior

With the plethora of dating apps and matchmaking sites online, it might seem daunting to try them out. If you’re a western man who wants to find an Asian match online, you have a vast pool of potential partners to choose from.

Many Asian ladies looking for love are using dating apps, mainly due to the recent pandemic. For example, research on online dating in Asia has indicated that nearly one in three women increased their use of dating apps and sites during the pandemic.

However, dating scams are also becoming more frequent than ever, and most scammers target older people as easy victims. A survey reports that victims of scams skyrocketed in 2021, and people have reported losing a staggering $1.3 billion to romance scams.

Nevertheless, online dating is not just for the youth, as dating as a senior is now becoming quite common. Furthermore, it need not feel like the conventional dating of yesteryear.

Despite the belief that no one over 50 will ever enjoy dating or romantic relationships, more older men and even women are doing so. Dating as an older person can be more nuanced and challenging, but it can also be more enjoyable and gratifying.

So if you’ve recently become single or feel like you’re finally ready to find your soul mate, now is the time to try finding an online date. Here are some key online dating tips to remember:

Beware of dating scams

Online scammers use a wide range of tricks including using fake profiles in order to commit identity theft and steal money. Scammers usually send messages pretending to be someone they’re not or are younger than their target victims.

If something seems fishy, report the profile. Scammer profiles have red flags in them, including having no pictures, being inactive for months, or using a picture that doesn’t match their bio.

Other scammers also ask for money upfront or personal info about your religion, politics, marital status, or children. Sometimes people are duped because they don’t take the time to read their profiles carefully before meeting them face-to-face.

You need to be wary if you’re communicating with someone online who seems overly interested in getting to know you. If they won’t give you their contact information in return, it’s probably best not to go any further.

If you are sure you are dealing with a sincere user, you can turn your focus toward making a great impression.

Create a unique, eye-catching profile

Your profile should reflect something about yourself that makes you stand out from everyone else. Even though online dating is becoming increasingly popular for seniors, you still want to create an extraordinary online persona.

Try these 5 methods:

Be genuine:

Don’t post fake pictures or give fake information about yourself. If you want to attract real people, you should do everything you can to show them who you really are.

Use quality photos:

Most people spend less time taking photos than writing descriptions, but quality photos can go a long way toward catching people’s attention. When you upload a photo, consider including a caption stating what is happening in the picture.

Include a short bio:

A good bio gives potential dates a snapshot of who you are. Keep it short and sweet.

Tell a story:

As you write your bio, keep your description focused on telling a compelling story about yourself.

Check your spelling:

Spelling errors are the bane of many online dating experiences. Make sure that you check your bio before posting it.

Take advantage of your age

Yes, you may be older than others in the dating landscape, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking advantage of what you have — experience. If you feel comfortable doing so, share your story with potential partners.

Tell them about your accomplishments and your passions, even if those things aren’t related to romance. Showing off what you’ve done and how much you’ve accomplished gives you something worth bragging about. Thus, embracing your old age shows that you’re worth more.

Ultimately, don’t let your age stop you from having a romantic relationship, whether it’s offline or online. Use your wisdom in choosing “the one.”

This story was originally published on Medium: Dating as a Senior? Tips to Find an Asian Match Online