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Rose Giving Rules In China | How Many Should You Give To Seem Serious?

roses in bed
Know how many red roses you can give to Asian women!

Have you heard of the custom of offering roses in China?

Apparently, you can’t just give a female as many roses as you want at random. Every number has significance, especially when it comes to women of Asian descent.

Giving roses to women correctly does not necessitate selecting the most popular flowers or any type of flowers at all. You simply must select red roses and then determine your intentions based on the number you provide.

We understand that it’s perplexing. As if the fact that each flower has its own significance wasn’t confusing enough, now the number you provide needs to have its own meaning as well.

Most Asian women are unconcerned about flower meanings, but there are a few who are, so you might want to read this article before buying your Chinese girlfriend a present.

1 to 10 Red Roses

If you send red roses, a specific number will hold special significance. You must choose the number carefully depending on what you want to say to your girlfriend. Take note of the words that each number has to say.

  • 1 Rose - “I love only you. You, and only you, are in my heart.”

  • 2 Roses - “In my mind, I just think of you and me.”

  • 3 Roses - “I love you.”

  • 4 Roses - “Promise of love.”

  • 5 Roses - “No regrets with you.”

  • 6 Roses - “I hope everything goes your way.”

  • 7 Roses - “I feel happy when I’m with you.”

  • 8 Roses - “I apologize. Please forgive me.”

  • 9 Roses - “No regrets. Forever with you in love.”

  • 10 Roses - “Perfect love.”

Granted, they all say the same thing about love, but if you don’t want to make a mistake, stick to the rules. There’s even a technique to express regret in roses. Simply purchase 8 roses for her.

Choose the usual three roses for important occasions such as Valentine’s Day, which convey the most popular messages such as “I love you.” If you want to make it look more like a bouquet, you can add types of small flowers that match the red roses. Baby’s Breath is a good choice because its white color won’t conflict with the crimson.

11 to 20 Roses

Here are several more convoluted but charming methods to express your love for your lady, as well as another method to apologize and even end things amicably.

  • 11 Roses - “Single-minded focus on your happiness. Concentrating on you with all my heart and soul.”

  • 12 Roses - Soul connection.

  • 13 Roses - A secret admirer.

  • 14 Roses - this is a very unlucky number for the Chinese. Contrary to the west that regards the number 13 as the number of bad luck, in China, it’s 14. Avoid giving her 14 flowers.

  • 15 Roses - “I’m sorry.”

  • 17 Roses - Happy ending and leaving each other on good terms.

  • 18 Roses - Sincere heart.

  • 19 Roses - “Looking forward to being with you.”

  • 20 Roses - “Forever loving you with an unchanging heart.”

man and woman chatting and drinking coffee
Women of Asian descent will appreciate you more if you give them a certain number of roses.

21 to 100 Roses

Some of them don’t seem to convey love at all. They’re just techniques of presenting messages to someone without using words. That is, if the recipient is aware of the meanings of flowers.

  • 21 Roses - “You are my best love.”

  • 22 Roses - In love to the end. Double 2 is very popular in China, because a couple is 2 people, therefore double happiness since the number has two 2’s.

  • 24 Roses - “I miss you. I’m thinking about you.”

  • 25 Roses - “Good luck.”

  • 30 Roses - “Our love goes beyond words.”

  • 33 Roses - “I will always love you for many years/for very long.”

  • 36 Roses - “My heart belongs to you.”

  • 44 Roses - “I promise my steady love for you.”

  • 50 Roses - This is comparable to 5. “I have no regrets.” It isn’t always about love or confessions, though. Give her 55 roses if you want to tell her you don’t regret loving her.

  • 55 Roses - I love you with no regrets.

  • 56 Roses - “My love.”

  • 60 Roses - “Our love is very steady, strong and stable.”

  • 66 Roses - “True steady love.” or “Good mood.”

  • 77 Roses - “Destiny brought us together.” For if you want to be poetic.

  • 88 Roses - “In my heart, I want to make up to you.”

  • 99 Roses - “I want to be with you forever.”

  • 100 Roses - “I love you 100%!”

101 to 999 Roses

When a man buys a woman flowers in hopes of proposing to her, he normally buys 101 roses. Despite the fact that the number that precisely asks, “Will you marry me?” is 108, offering 101 permits the woman to respond.

If the girl agrees to marry him, she will return one rose to him.

  • 101 Roses - “You are my only love.” Which makes it the perfect number for proposing.

  • 108 Roses - Another alternative, since it says “Will you marry me?”

  • 123 Roses - Freedom and Love.

  • 144 Roses - “I love you every day, every month, every year, every century.”

  • 365 Roses - An absurd number, but it has its own significance. “Every day, I think of you. Every day of the year, I love you.”

  • 999 Roses - An even more ridiculous number, but one that means “Infinite Love.” Don’t hold back and surprise her with this number if you want to flex on her and show her you’re serious about how you feel about her.

married couple holding hands with roses in her lap
Giving roses to women correctly is in the number you plan to give.

Yes, there’s a lot to remember, but China wouldn’t be China without its rich culture and traditions. However, knowing the rose-giving rule will impress her in the end, so stick it out. It will be well worth the effort.

Why Red Roses?

Because red roses are a universal symbol of love and burning desire, not just in China. It’s not just Asian women who adore a bouquet of red roses. Many ladies would be delighted if their partner unexpectedly presented them with a single red rose. It’s the universal way of expressing your undying love for her.

Perhaps you don’t need to go to all the trouble of purchasing her 365 flowers just to tell her how much you love her every day. A single rose is sufficient. Flowers are lovely, but the mystery of their meanings pales in comparison to a man’s feelings for his woman.