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Traits Asian Women Look for in Men

A photo of a smiling Asian woman in a white dress
My Dream AsianAsian women are easily attracted to men who have the following traits.

Although there are a lot of white men who travel to Asia or make use of online dating sites to meet and date Asian women, not all of them end up in a happy and successful relationship.

These men start off strong and even impress the ladies with their unique date ideas and elaborate surprises.

Yet after going on a few more dates, what once was a sweet connection suddenly wears off.

If you have been in the same situation before and are worried you might end up being single again, then consider the following pieces of advice as your saving grace.

We provide you with everything that Asian women love in men they want to date. These tips are sure to help you have a more worthwhile dating experience as well.

Take a peek at the qualities that most Asian women today look for in a potential partner.

1. Asian women look for men who are responsible.

Or any woman for that matter, right?

You’ll find that most Asian women are responsible and dependable. They were brought up in an environment where they have to learn to do things on their own and take action for everything in their lives.

Thus, it is only natural for them to be attracted to men who are on the same wavelength.

Also, a man who cannot prove himself responsible enough will only become a burden to an Asian girl if their relationship is to ever move forward.

Whether it is in the financial sense or taking accountability in general, you must be able to convince her that you are one to trust.

Sharing your experiences can help you immensely, just like taking the lead during your dates. Backing up your words with actions is always the best proof to your claims.

2. Asian women like men who are passionate.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with an Asian woman, you can personally attest to their passionate personalities, how they give it their all when it comes to things they consider important.

If you want to stay with her, you must share the same outlook, even if you have different passions and preferences in life.

Men who have goals are always interesting and irresistible to Asian women. The way you express your dreams and passions would make any woman believe that you are focused on the bigger and better things in life.

Moreover, this is definitely how you can make women feel confident in you.

When you go out together, or if you’re dating online, tell her about the things you wish to achieve. Talk about your life goals and what you are working towards.

You’ll never know if you share the same passions with her, and in turn, be able to build an even deeper connection.

3. Asian women prefer men who are sociable.

Asian women usually come from big families, with great emphasis on familial values and close family ties. It’s important for them that the man they’re dating is good with socializing with other people.

Being friendly and congenial is a common, if not required, trait in a mature person, so be sure to show a warm smile whenever you’re around people your Asian lady cares about.

This does not, however, mean that you have to give up your own space and privacy. You can still be reserved when socializing with other people.

Consider this trait as something that can help you stand out, whether it be among local Asian men or other western guys who are intent on catching an Asian woman’s attention.

Don’t hold back on that genuine laughter and encouraging smile. Asian women are all about sincerity.

4. Asian women look for men who are confident.

When a man exudes confidence, he automatically looks classy, attractive, and dignified in the eyes of those around him. One of the many expectations of a woman today is having self-confidence, and the same can be said for men who want to make a good impression.

Do you think Asian women would take an interest in men who are shy and quiet all the time?

While having too much confidence can go overboard and be mistaken as being cocky and arrogant, having the right level, on the other hand, is a powerful trait to harness.

Be a man who can make his way through different struggles and attract good fortune. This gives you the ability to command respect even from people you don’t know.

For an Asian woman, dating a man with a good amount of confidence gives her the reassurance that he will take the lead in the relationship and not shy away from commitment and responsibilities.

Be a man who can take her out on special occasions as well — a man she can truly be proud of.

During your dates, prep yourself up and be the best version of yourself. Nothing is sexier than a man who knows his worth.

5. Asian women want men who are loyal.

Most Asian women you’ll meet would prefer a partner who is honest and faithful.

Loyalty is never a forgotten quality with these ladies. It is even considered a major deal breaker for them if you aren’t loyal.

Understand that while you are still in the early stages of dating, Asian women will mostly want exclusivity and commitment.

Hence, start closing those dating apps you still have running on your computer or phone, and show these ladies how much you want to have a loving relationship with them.

Loyalty doesn’t come easy to some, so just be sure to stick with your Asian lady all throughout.

Being The Best Man for Asian Women

Asian women are not really picky when it comes to men they want to date and eventually form a relationship with. Though most of them adhere to the concept about how love is blind, it makes it even more important for you to have the traits they’re looking for in a romantic partner.

Female values in Asia continue to make a mark in the international dating industry, making Asian women stand out in terms of love and romance.

These ladies naturally want to protect themselves, and of course, choose the best guy with the most genuine intentions. They want a man who is well-mannered and knows how to blend in with their culture and way of life.

Keep this list in mind, and by the time you show up to meet and impress Asian women, you can look forward to showing them the things they want most in men.