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Why Are Filipinas Interested in Dating Foreigners?

couple hugging under the sun
These are the reasons why foreigners are dating Filipinas!

It’s no secret that western men adore Filipina women. They’re perfect marriage candidates, and if you don’t believe us, just ask some of the men who are married to them.

To be honest, there are a variety of reasons why foreigners in the Philippines date beautiful Filipino women. It has a lot to do with the number of white women who are being compared to them. The majority of the Filipino women you’ll encounter were brought up to be polite and well-mannered. There’s a slim chance you’ll come across one that isn’t friendly.

The fact of the matter is that if you are very keen on finding a woman that is perfect for marriage and is also interested in dating you, then look no further than Filipino Women. Why these ladies in particular?

Here’s why:

1. Filipino Girls Appreciate Western Attractiveness

Women in the Philippines, believe it or not, have always been breathtakingly beautiful, and the rest of the world is well aware of this. It’s not a bluff because it’s common knowledge that Asia is home to a plethora of exotic women who are every foreign man’s fantasy.

You’ll notice it once you enter the Philippines. The country itself is a delight to be in, from famous Filipino women to the locals you see walking around on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that westerners enjoy visiting because of the beautiful people, beautiful sights to see, friendly locals, and delicious food.

But this isn’t an unrequited feeling. These ladies are mostly smitten with the looks westerners always have. From near-white skin to the tall stature, they’ve always harbored admiration for such foreign people that they don’t see much in the Philippines.

2. They Want Something New

If westerners are interested in dating foreign women and trying out something new, then the same could be said for Filipino girls.

After seeing the same types of people right where they live, it’s only natural that they would be fascinated by foreigners. They see Americans and Europeans all the time on screen and maybe their admiration has something to do with every single attractive actor there too, but they are very much interested in western men just as much as you are of them.

A change of pace could also be part of the reason why they prefer foreigners nowadays. Aside from that, they most likely prefer guys much taller than the men they see on a daily basis in their country.

3. They Want To Nurture

This defines nearly every Filipina in the world. Filipino women have a close loyalty to their families, which is one of their many characteristics. It is in their nature to want to take care of them. This applies to you too.

Filipino women place a higher importance on their families than on themselves. Looking after the family and ensuring that they are well cared for is a source of pride for them. If you marry one, you and your children should expect a pleasant and well-loved life. If she happens to be stunning, as she typically is, congratulations.

a happy family
Filipino women are known to be great nurturers!

4. The Financial Need

We cannot deny that they might need a financial back-up, considering most of these women probably grew up somewhere unfortunate. Some are just unlucky enough to grow up with no one financially supporting them so they can’t even get proper work to pick themselves up.

So they turn to foreigners that could help them. Yes, it does happen, even though there are still plenty of women who really just want to get themselves a love life and are sick of the usual men they see where they’re from.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though. Who says you can’t love each other even if the initial reason for dating was money? Plenty of relationships are still happy and successful even if that was the case.

5. They Want To Make You Happy

A Pinay’s personality is known for being vibrant and bubbly. Have you ever heard the joke about how, even when they’re having a bad day, Filipinos tend to smile in front of the camera?

That’s just it. It isn’t a joke.

The Philippines’ populace is rarely sad or depressed. They remain upbeat and are known to think positively.

Your future Filipina partner will immediately cheer you up with kisses, corny jokes, and a soothing foot massage if your day has gone to hell, whether it’s due to work stress or a flat tire. Full-fledged intimacy may also be an option. She is a surefire way to relieve the tension. She’s your instant happy pill.

6. They Want To Have A Family

We have already established that they are nurturers so no doubt that your future girl will want to have a family with you. They are the best at taking care of their family but are also one of the most fiery types of women out there in the world.

couple hugging and girl looking at the camera
Women in the Philippines will defend you and protect you.

A Filipina will uphold your honor to the best of her ability because she loves you so much. Just because she’s putty in your hands at home doesn’t mean she’ll look away if her family is treated badly. So now you have a lover as well as a protector on your side. And Filipino men have been known to tremble in awe at times.

As if that weren’t enough, Filipinas are known for being excellent housewives. From a young age, their mothers teach them not only how to take care of themselves but also how to navigate the home.

In today’s world, some women are career-driven ladies. She could make up for her lack of financial capabilities not only as a housewife, but also as a working woman. After all, what good is a wife if she isn’t even capable of being self-sufficient?

Yes, They ARE Interested In You

To reiterate, Filipinas are also trying to broaden their horizons in the dating scene by looking for better partners outside of the Philippines. Whatever their reasons are for doing so, the same can be said for westerners who wish to seek love from a different country. They, too, are just like you.

Use this as a boost to your confidence. If you’re interested in dating a Pinay, know that they are also interested in dating you.