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Ways to Attract Shenzhen Women | Dating in China

A Chinese girl waiting on a bridge.
Shenzhen is a great city to meet Chinese women.

Asian women from China make the best wives.

They possess most of the qualities men look for in a life partner: beauty, brains, personality, and strong family values.

It’s no surprise foreign men go out of their way to meet and marry these amazing women. With that said, one of the best places to start dating in China is in the modern metropolis of Shenzhen.

If you’re currently trying to find yours>elf a Chinese woman, there are some important factors that you need to be aware of beforehand.

Most Westerners don’t know what to expect when dating a Chinese woman, especially when they have no idea about the culture and ideals of these ladies.

The city is diverse and densely populated, so you’re bound to find a suitable wife there.

As of 2021, Shenzhen has an estimated population of twelve million people. As such, it’s not going to be too difficult to find single and good-natured girls in this region of China.

However, getting them to be attracted to you is another story.

Understanding Chinese Dating Culture and Etiquette

Women in Shenzhen China are the same as your typical Chinese women.

In fact, most women in this city are not originally from there, but are migrants coming from neighboring regions.

Shenzhen is home to the country’s largest population of migrants and is dubbed a city of colliding cultures.

You’ll meet different Chinese girls with varying backgrounds. For the purpose of this article, we’ll treat Shenzhen women the same as your conventional Chinese women.

Now, how do you make these girls fall in love with you? There are a few ways to successfully capture their hearts.

1. Learn to Speak Their Language

Mandarin is the official spoken language across mainland China and is widely used in Shenzhen, but the local dialect mainly spoken by the people there is Cantonese.

To be safe, learning Mandarin is preferred over the Cantonese language.

It’s not necessary to speak fluently, just enough to be conversational.

You can practice these few basic Mandarin phrases:

“Nǐ hǎo, wǒ de míngzì jiào (insert name),” which translates to, “Hello, my name is (insert name).”

“Nǐ fēicháng piàoliang,” which translates to, “You are very beautiful.”

“Nǐ néng hé wǒ yīqǐ chī wǎnfàn ma?” which translates to, “Will you have dinner with me?”

Lastly, “Wǒ xīwàng néng zàicì jiàn dào nǐ,” which translates to, “I hope to see you again.”

These phrases may appear simple, but the effort just to learn them is enough to impress a Chinese girl. If you want to go beyond that, you can always enroll in a Mandarin language class. It’s going to be useful in your journey to finding love in China.

2. Show Interest in Their Culture

Learn as much as you can about Chinese culture and do your research beforehand.

If there’s something you don’t understand, you can ask someone who’s knowledgeable on the matter.

Chinese girls get excited when foreign men talk to them about their culture and traditions. They’ll feel happy and special about you wanting to get to know them on a deeper level.

A fun way to broaden your knowledge of Chinese culture is by visiting museums and heritage sites. You can invite your lady and turn it into a date.

Below are the top three museums in Shenzhen that you should visit:

  • Shenzhen Museum
  • Hakka Culture Museum
  • Tianhou Museum
A photo of Chinese hanging lanterns.
Chinese women admire foreigners who show interest in their culture.

Wanting to learn about a country’s history, culture, and traditions is a form of admiration.

Showing admiration and interest in these women not only makes them smile, but maybe fall in love with you as well.

3. Practice Good Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Chinese dating etiquette is big on showing up clean and well-groomed.

Women in China pay close attention to every little detail, so make sure to clip your nails, brush your teeth, shave your facial hair, put on deodorant, and apply some cologne.

When you start taking care of yourself and your appearance, your confidence will gradually increase.

In addition, practicing good hygiene and grooming also increases your attractiveness.

Try your best to look and smell good.

4. Be Respectful Not Only Towards Her, but Also Her Family

Respect and family are two things that Chinese people give high importance to – it’s part of their culture.

If you want to date a Chinese girl, be prepared to meet her family and ask for their approval on your relationship.

If they approve, they will give their blessings. If they don’t, at least you tried and made the effort. That effort alone will impress your girl.

5. Be Honest and Be Yourself

If you want to find real love, the best way to approach dating someone from a different culture is by being honest and of course, by being yourself.

The right woman will accept you for who you are, and there is no need to pretend to be someone you are not.

At the end of the day, all a woman wants is a good man.

The best thing you can work on is being that guy.

Effort, perseverance, and honesty are the three things you should have.

It can be difficult to make a Chinese girl fall in love with you, especially when you’re a foreigner. The differences in your culture can be a hindrance.

But once you move past cultural differences, a successful relationship is not impossible with these women.

On that note, remember: those that are not easy to attain are usually worth it.

In other words, it may not be easy to date Chinese ladies since you need to exert tons of effort to make it work, but once you do, all those difficulties you’ve experienced are deemed worth it.

Foreigners Looking For Love in China

Dating in China for foreigners is never easy. It has its challenges.

You’ll have to deal with cultural differences, and in some rare instances, discrimination.

But if you’re determined to find your future wife in this oriental country, none of these challenges should stop you. Instead, it should make you try harder.

Asian women from Shenzhen are worth it: Chinese women really do make the best wives. Many people can attest to this fact.

The best way to experience dating in China is if you start talking to these ladies and eventually create a lasting connection with the one you deem a suitable partner.