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Common Indicators of Interest Asian Women Show Men

A photo of a beautiful Asian woman caressing her chin with her eyes closed
Find out how Asian women are when they’re romantically interested in someone.

Asian women never seem to fall far behind from being one of the most desired partners in the world. With their adorable eyes, petite figures, and flawless white skin, there’s no denying that their beauty is indeed something to behold.

Superficial qualities aside, there are a whole lot of other reasons men helplessly fall in love with these ladies. As you get to know more about their culture and how they are in love and romantic relationships, you’ll find that nothing can beat the genuine happiness you feel from being with someone who takes care of you and makes you feel loved all the time.

That’s exactly how Asian women are.

But instead of going through all the hassle of booking a plane ticket and traveling around Asia to meet women in person, you can sign up with an Asian dating app and start interacting with a number of potential partners. Matchmaking agencies are also available for your convenience.

Whichever method you choose to meet women in Asia, however, you’re going to have to deal with the same dilemma every other man does when trying his chances out with these gorgeous beauties — figuring out if an Asian girl is interested in you or not.

How hard can it be, you ask? Well, it’s not that easy in case you were wondering. The worst thing you can do when trying to make a good and lasting impression is to make assumptions.

Never underestimate the power of subtlety. It’s all in the little things. Even if the lady you’re trying to win over is in fact interested in you, she would want you to be able to notice the hints she’s been dropping here and there. It’s like they want to play hard to get, but they also want you to play along with them.

As such, the following are just some of the most common indicators of interest Asian women show men:

  1. Smiling with the eyes

    This is how most women flirt; they use their eyes to tell you something. What’s so enticing about this is that it never fails to leave guys guessing.

    “What is she thinking?” “Is she giving me some sort of hint?” “Why am I feeling all giddy from that look she just gave me?”

    As basic as it may sound, eye contact is everything when it comes to building a connection with someone. So the next time you notice an Asian woman who seems to be saying more with her eyes, she’s basically telling you something — and you better be ready for it!

  2. A sheepish grin

    Unlike women in most countries, Asian ladies have a tendency to shy away from people they are attracted to, and it’s something that makes them even more adorable. Your lady may avert her eyes as she does this, indicating that she’s feeling shy in your presence — a sign that she has taken a liking to you.

  3. Giggling

    This has got to be one of the most obvious signs. Women love to laugh in a cute way when they’re with someone they fancy, and Asian girls are no different.

  4. Leaning close to you

    Physical contact is inevitable when two people who are interested in each other are together. She may lean in close while listening to you talk or when you’re taking a stroll. Either way, the fact that there is physical contact means that she feels comfortable around you.

  5. Openly talking about what to do on your next date

    She could be suggesting which restaurant to go to, what food to try, what movie to see, or what concert to attend; if she initiates making plans for the both of you, then you know she is genuinely interested in being with you.

  6. Letting you walk her home

    Asian girls can be direct with their feelings. If they don’t feel safe around you, they will not hesitate to cut you off. Even after going out on a first date, if your lady doesn’t feel comfortable with you, she will insist on going home on her own.

  7. A look of seduction

    Be sure to pay attention when this happens. She could be playing with her hair, biting her lips, or winking at you. All this points to sexual attraction. But if she wants you more than that, you will be able to notice it in her other gestures. Regardless if she’s just attracted to you sexually, it still means that she likes you.

  8. No interest in seeing or talking about other guys

    She could be doing this out of respect, or simply because she wants you to know that she’s only entertaining you. So it’s your job to take the hint.

  9. Open to having all kinds of communication with you

    When you're dating an Asian woman, she will most likely want to be able to communicate with you in order to get to know you more. Nowadays, video dating is becoming a thing, so even if you meet your lady on an Asian dating site, you can always interact with her virtually. Once you’re both ready to meet each other in person, you will already have made an intimate connection, and your relationship should develop smoothly.

  10. Sharing long term goals

    One of the surefire signs that Asian women are interested in a man is when they don’t have any second thoughts about sharing their future plans and goals with him. It’s definitely a good sign indicating that they see themselves still being with that man in the long run.

What to Do Next

Once you notice any of the aforementioned signs among Asian women, you can bet that they have taken an interest in you. Don’t worry, most of these signs are hard to miss, so just be your best, genuine self as you get to know these beautiful ladies. Don’t think too hard about what you can do to impress them. As long as you know what signs to look out for, you can proceed with planning on what to do next.

Up your dating game by taking note of the indicators of interest Asian women show, and you’ll be landing dates one after the other in no time!