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Asian Dating : DRASTIC Differences from the West

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Dating in Western culture is more on the casual side. People find dates through friends, over the internet, or at bars and social events. Dating activities can vary from having dinner or coffee to hanging out at clubs and spending the night together.

Asian dating, on the other hand, is a little more traditional.

However, this is not to say that Westerners are more on having fun and are against the concept of commitment. While casual flings and one night stands are very common, surprisingly enough, they tend to have different takes on what a romantic relationship is or should be.

Both men and women have their roles to play when it comes to being part of a relationship. No matter how many success stories there are about couples from different countries who managed to overcome their contrasting cultures, not all of them share the same end goal.

In your case, being in an intercultural relationship with an Asian woman would require you to learn more than just the basics of asking someone out and determining whether or not you’re compatible with each other. To increase your chances of finding love among Asian women, try to familiarize yourself with how their dating scene works.


Chinese women are usually attracted to men who have good jobs and a stable career. Only then will they be able to consider someone as a romantic partner.

To them, a man who is capable of managing his own career will show how determined he is to look out for his family and loved ones. They mostly adhere to respective gender roles, wherein men are to be the providers of the family, while women are to take care of their children and other household responsibilities.

In terms of dating, group dates are common here, just like in the Philippines where double dates are a thing.

While most couples in the West rely on alcohol to have a good time, those in China are not alcohol-dependent — they are more on sharing meaningful conversations and experiencing new things. They value relationships to an extent that many of the values they’ve developed growing up come into play, which is where you can appreciate the fact that it’s possible for you to find the perfect match among Asian women.

It is also interesting to note that women in China generally have more conservative ideas about dating. Men are expected to pay for carfare, dinner, or whatever incidental expenses are involved in a date. On the contrary, women prefer to be the ones to choose what restaurant to dine in, what food to order, and so on.


In the Philippines, it is common for courtship traditions to be observed before the dating stage takes place. Ideally, Filipinas expect men to show their effort. There are several practices and customs that men would have to follow to get a woman’s approval. Even then, it’s most likely that a Filipina’s family will also have a say in who she gets to date.

Courtship becomes especially necessary if the woman belongs to the cultural minority. Such practices may include writing letters, sending flowers, visiting the girl’s home, meeting the family, and so on. In this age of information and technology, however, some traditions may have been modernized.

Usually, going out on dates would mean having to include a chaperone, who can be a family member or a trusted friend. It has also been observed that there are Filipino families who are fine with less formalities.

Keep in mind that most parents and families still prefer men to court a Filipino woman the proper way, but as long as you can prove yourself as a kind, supportive, and faithful man, the road to winning their approval will be much easier.

Like in the West, some women in the Philippines are into hookups and casual flings. So when you start dating one, be sure to express your intentions early on to see if you share the same goal. This would make it clear for the both of you so that you don’t end up wasting each other’s time.


The cost of living in Thailand is significantly lower than most countries in Asia, which makes it convenient for you to travel here and meet women. You’ll also be surprised to know that many of the ladies here are very interested in foreign men.

This is due to the fact that women find it difficult to meet a man with whom they can have a long lasting relationship. They are more on dating with marriage in mind. Not all of them are eager to start a family right away, but the idea is to be with someone who is committed.

Much like with the interest you’ve taken in dating a foreign woman, women in Thailand also find it exciting to experience love with a Western man. Hookups are not very common in their country, so it’s best to be careful about how you wish to establish a relationship with these ladies.

Physical intimacy usually takes place once you’re in an exclusive relationship. So if you’re still in the dating stage with a Thai lady, don’t casually bring up topics about sex and intimacy. Allow your relationship to develop naturally, and you will soon be able to tell when you’re ready to take the next step with her.

To impress the women here, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with how things are done. For your date ideas, consider visiting their museums, temples, and historical sites. Take every opportunity you can to learn more about their culture.

Such activities are not that common in the West, so if you want to experience Asian dating, always be open about trying new things.

Dating in Asia Made Easy

Each country in Asia has its own dating culture and sets of ideals when it comes to love and relationships. With the help of legitimate dating sites such as ours, though, it can be easier for you to learn more not just about women, but also how dating works in their respective countries.

Feel free to browse through the profiles of single Asian women on our site and reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions at all. Various communication tools and translation services have been made available to make your Asian dating experience more worthwhile.