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How Much of a Dating Age Gap Do Asian Women Prefer?

A photo of an Asian woman in a white collared shirt, leaning against a tree
My Dream AsianLearn more about how Asian women perceive age gap relationships.

In the world of international dating, age gap relationships have become a growing trend that even Asian women are no strangers to this.

It’s not just older men dating women who are years younger than them, either. It could be the other way around, and no one would have a say about it because, well, what is there to say? As cheesy as it sounds, when it comes to love, the heart simply wants what it wants.

However, the Asian dating scene has had its fair share of criticism, considering that the Asian community is heavy on conservatism and traditional relationships. But like with everything else in this world, people change and habits evolve. It’s safe to say that the influence of western culture has also played a role in this distinctive dating trend.

In truth, a considerable number of Asian women can be seen dating foreign men who are 10 to 15 years older than them. Despite cultural differences and various communication barriers, age gap has not been known to be a major hindrance among these couples.

If you look at today’s popular dating apps, it is not unusual for a younger woman to be more interested in dating an older man. You can observe the same thing in Asia, too. So instead of worrying about not being young enough to date Asian women, focus on what qualities you need to have to justify how age difference should not dictate the success or failure of any romantic relationship.

To give you a better understanding of why these ladies don’t mind dating, or even marrying, older men, here are some important factors to consider:

  1. Level of maturity

    It goes without saying that older men have more experiences in love, dating, and relationships. Of course, if you’re at an age where you realize that playing around just doesn’t bring you genuine happiness, you start learning from your mistakes and create good habits that will attract the right woman.

    In other words, you become more mature, and most women, if not all, prefer mature men over hot, younger ones. This also applies to how you handle situations, whether they directly affect your relationship or not. Women in Asia are calm and collected, and they would definitely not want to date a man whom they would have to babysit.

  2. Financial stability

    Of course, the older you are, the more potential you have to be well-off — again, a result of previous experiences, but this time, in career choices and financial decisions. That being said, it’s pretty normal for a guy to want to save up money for his future, and that includes a possible wife and family.

    Though Asian girls are intelligent and incredibly hardworking, they don’t find it ideal to be the breadwinner. They mostly prefer a man who also knows how to manage his finances as it will determine how he handles money concerns in the future, such as spending habits, saving, and practicality.

  3. Sense of responsibility

    Another value you get to develop as you grow older is wanting to be more responsible. You start taking things seriously and know when and where the right time is to joke around. We’ve all had fun when we were young, but if you believe you’re ready to settle down or be in a serious relationship, you will automatically be motivating yourself to take responsibility.

    Rest assured, women will notice that about you, and therefore, you become an ideal partner they would want to date.

  4. Ready for commitment

    You will hardly see men and women fooling around at an older age. As years go by, you will come to acknowledge the things that bring you happiness and love, and of course, the only way you can experience this is if you are able to provide it yourself.

    When you portray yourself as someone who is ready for commitment, you will also start attracting women who want to be in a committed relationship.

  5. Dating with a future in mind

    This might be the most important factor for any Asian woman who makes herself available in the dating pool. In relation to the aforementioned points, the fact that you are more mature, financially stable, responsible, and committed, they all point to the idea of molding a bright future. You may have noticed the world-renowned skills and diligence of Asians, and perhaps you could say the same about them when it comes to relationships. It’s more on being able to set a good future instead of just going with the flow.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking forward to starting a family of your own someday or you simply want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other; it’s all about preparing yourself for what is to come. After all, isn’t that we all aspire to do with our lives?

Why You Should Start Dating Younger Asian Women

When you sign up with a legitimate Asian dating site, you will notice thousands of Asian girls who are seeking love and a serious relationship. What’s more is that the majority of these ladies are young, and they are also very much interested in foreign men. That alone should make you consider your options in terms of finding a potential partner in life.

Throw away whatever taboo there is about men having a younger partner because not only is it an outdated notion, it is also irrelevant to what matters most — your own happiness. At the end of the day, the confidence you carry will be enough to convince your friends, family, and every other pair of curious eyes that your relationship is more than what they think.

There is no better time to meet and date younger Asian women than now. The only way you can see for yourself how the matter of age difference is disregarded is to take on the experience first hand. Along with a good amount of patience and research, who’s to know you just might find your future bride among the beautiful women in Asia?