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What Dating an Asian Woman Entails

A photo of an Asian woman wearing colored sunglasses
My Dream AsianHere’s what happens when you date an Asian woman.

Many foreign men are interested in meeting and dating Asian women.

Well, what’s not to love about them? On top of their unparalleled physical attributes, these women are kind, polite, warm, and generous.

As a result, a good number of guys turn to various dating apps and dating sites to try their luck in finding the right Asian girl for them.

Some even jump on dating shows and other virtual dating portals with the same goal — just a bit more adventurous in style.

However, the question still remains: Do men like you truly understand what it means to date an Asian woman?

All your gallant efforts are appreciated by these women whom you want to impress. But will your level of commitment stay the same once you know what dating an Asian girl entails? Or will your efforts start to dwindle once you find these women to be too much, too different from what you are used to?

No need to fret, though. As a Western man, dating a lady from Asia only means immersing yourself into new cultures and traditions, and having fun while doing so.

You might feel out of the loop at first, but you will soon grasp why many interracial relationships and marriages manage to stay afloat even in these challenging situations.

Continue reading if you are ready to experience dating in Asia.

1. Dating an Asian woman means trying out new food.

Culture and history in the East vastly differ from what you may have grown up with. This distinctiveness also extends to Asian food.

You will need to learn to love and wholeheartedly respect your woman’s culture.

While she will not force it on you to enjoy every dish available, it would mean a lot to her if you show appreciation for something that is part of her life.

You will also need to learn how every utensil should be properly used, as well as the food etiquette in her country.

Most importantly, do not wince or criticize any food you deem exotic before you even give it a try. Avoid being downright insensitive and rude.

2. Expect an Asian woman to have a lot of family members.

It doesn’t just stop at meeting her parents when you start dating, you’ll also have to meet her siblings and other extended family members.

Asian women put great importance on family and family values. So when dating one, expect her to introduce you to her kin even before you can take the relationship to the next level.

You will also have to get used to attending so many events that are celebrated by the family, as well as helping out during these occasions.

For an Asian woman, a suitor can only get approval when the whole family says yes to him.

This setup may be new to you, but winning the hearts of the people she considers most important is a sure way to truly win hers. As you may have already guessed, her parents have every say in her life, so be sure to play real nice.

3. Some Asian women grew up believing in superstitions.

There are some superstitious beliefs in Asia that just happen to be part of their culture as well.

It is fairly common for Asian women — no matter what generation they were born and raised in — to still believe in superstitions, karma, and other supernatural occurrences.

These things have helped in keeping them guided, safe, and comfortable for a long time, so why must they stop holding on to them now?

Maybe these things don’t mean much to you, but you still have to show your respect and understanding.

Offer your two cents only when asked — and when you do, be careful of your words and how you deliver it.

At the dating stage, you are only allowed a certain degree of influence in an Asian girl’s life. Make sure you do not overstep your bounds.

4. Be conscious of your appearance when dating an Asian lady.

They say that love is blind, so how you look won’t matter.

To some extent, that statement is true, but for the Asian woman you plan to date, how you present yourself can be equated to how you take care of yourself as well.

She would not require you to dress formally all the time, but it does make a difference when a man looks clean and sharp.

When you book a trip to her country, pack the right type of clothes, and make sure they are ones that flatter you.

Prepare for unlimited fun trips and sweet walks along the beach, and be sure to bring the right accessories too. If you want to be able to stand confidently alongside her, bring your A-game not only in personality, but also in looks.

You will then see how her appreciative smile directed towards you makes her even more gorgeous.

5. When dating an Asian woman, expect to learn a new language.

While many Asian countries have English as their second language, complementing their native ones, there is still merit in learning the mother tongue of the Asian woman you’re dating.

No need to stress about this. (We know that mastering a new language in a short amount of time can be really difficult.)

You can start with simple words and phrases first. These would include basic ones which you will need to use when you start dating, such as hello, thank you, sorry, good bye, and so on.

Then, when you are more confident in your delivery and memory, move on to words that are used to compliment another person.

Show your skills and eagerness to learn an Asian woman’s language by telling her she’s beautiful, the food she prepared is good, her outlook in life is interesting, and so on.

Before you know it, you are already at a conversational level.

This newly acquired skill will prove to be very useful when you get to know each other better, especially when the relationship grows into something more in the future.

Also, isn’t learning a new language interesting?

When Dating an Asian Woman

Meeting and falling for an Asian woman is a dream for many foreign men, and it is very much possible for a man like you.

You must understand that there are things that come with dating an Asian woman. With the right amount of effort and sincerity, you will surely make a good impression and eventually win the heart of the Asian woman you want to be with.

If you think you are ready for this new and exciting experience, sign up on any of the hundreds of free dating apps and sites today, or simply avail of a professional matchmaking service.

Your happy future is within reach. Good luck!